6 Practical Benefits of Mediation When Resolving Employment Disputes

workers disagreeingWorkplace disagreements are common, but peaceful resolutions are not. With mediation, resolving significant misunderstands can be done the frictionless way. Here are the most notable benefits of turning to mediation in employment disputes:

Less Cost

From an economical standpoint, mediation is better than litigation. The fees charged by a mediator are just a fraction of the costs associated with traditional legal processes. Moreover, mediation is cost-effective in terms of time and human capital. If you involve a judge in the process, you’ll have to sacrifice hours of your day and spend some energy appearing in court.

Fast Settlement

Before you get a decision with litigation, the process may take years to complete and wear you down. It’s not uncommon to wait for months to get a court date. If the other party appeals the decision, you can wait for years to get results. In contrary, speed and timeliness are two of the best qualities of mediation.

High Degree of Control

Without a third party involved, you’ll be in a better position to command the results you desire. Mediation makes the outcome more predictable, especially for your specific needs.

Deep Sense of Personal Empowerment

As the mediator only facilitates the process. Each party will get to voice their concerns and be heard. Being able to negotiate your own settlement is empowering.

Great Chance of Compliance

When everyone has strongly influenced the agreement and made a compromise, there’s a better chance that both parties will respect and follow the settlement’s terms. Since mediated deals can cover procedural and psychological issues, which don’t always lend themselves to a legal determination, agreements can be tailored to the unique needs of everyone.

Strong Possibility of Relationship Preservation

Sadly, workplace disputes sometimes involve close friends. Mediation allows the conflicting parties to reach an amicable agreement and save their friendship on some levels.

Mediation shouldn’t be the alternative to litigation; it must be your first option. When direct negotiations fail, seeking the expertise of an experienced mediator is usually the answer to have a stress-free resolution.

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