Can Wearable Technology Benefit Your Personal Injury Case?

Injury CaseTechnology has reached the justice system. This goes beyond video conferencing witnesses in courtrooms, filing a case electronically, and displaying electronic evidence. In an era when drones are making deliveries, and AI on smartphones are engaging in conversations, you may soon expect wearable technology as a probable means for your attorney to win your personal injury case, Marc J. Bern & Partners observes.

Credible Data for Your Case

The strength of your personal injury case will rely on several factors and the most critical of which is the doctor’s evaluation. Whether you’ve filed a claim for a car accident or a workplace accident, the doctor’s observations determine the weight of your claim. Should you get more in damages or should the court throw out the case?

The trouble with a doctor’s evaluation is that it may not provide sufficient data. A doctor will only have a short period, like a couple of hours in a week, to observe the effects of your injury. This may not be sufficient information for your lawyer to document and file as evidence.

But if you wear a device, such as the Fitbit, your lawyer may have enough credible data to use in court. A Fitbit can record your activity, and indicate whether your lifestyle changed because of the accident. It can support your claims better because the device provides longer recorded periods of your condition. Of course, clinical interpretation is still necessary.

No More He Said, She Said?

The application of wearable technology also extends to substantiating your witness’s account or disproving the other party’s claim. Google Glass, for example, can take video of a car accident and capture audio.

So instead of relying on just the eyewitness account, your statement and that of the other party’s, the courts could soon consider data from Google Glass into evidence. Some attorneys may even use the technology to show juries a first-person perspective of what plaintiffs go through after an accident. This could prove very effective in obtaining more benefits and compensation for your injury.

Insurance companies can also use data from wearable technology to manage personal injury claims and risk assessment of clients.

Personal injury lawsuits are complex. With the right lawyer building your case and technology strengthening it, you may have an easier time of making a claim.

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