Common Types of Workplace Conflicts and the Possible Solutions

HR talking to two fighting employeesConflict is triggered when individuals act in accordance with their own sets of belief and ideas. In the past, a conflict was solved through litigation, which could further sow the seed of discord among conflicting parties.

Below are the common types of workplace conflicts that can be solved without the intervention of court proceedings.

Interpersonal Conflict

This denotes conflict occurring between two individuals. People have varied personalities, which usually result in decisions and choices that are not compatible. An interpersonal conflict is a natural occurrence that often promotes personal growth and can improve the way you relate to other people. You should, therefore come up with ways to manage it before it gets destructive. Calling a professional lawyer who is experienced in mediation can be a good start.

Group Conflict

This type of conflict happens between people within a group or team. Misunderstandings and incompatibilities between employees working together can lead to intergroup conflict. For instance, team members can find other people’s opinions erroneous during a presentation, which could lead to tension. Group conflicts can help team members come up with appropriate decisions, which can be effective in reaching their objectives.

If the conflict has the potential to disrupt harmony within the team, mediation and arbitration services should be employed to calm the situation.

Intergroup Conflict

This happens when there is a misunderstanding within different teams in the same organization. In most cases, conflict arises when there are varied interests and objectives among different workgroups. Intergroup conflicts can also occur due to competition and rivalry concerning boundaries and resources.

These misunderstandings can be motivated by the need for each group to establish its own identity. They can be resolved through intervention by a higher executive in the company.

Conflict is sometimes inevitable at some point in your life. It should, however, not be perceived as a major problem in work, family or relationships. It often helps individuals open up to each other. Mediation is ideal to resolve a conflict before it aggravates and affects productivity or even leads to relationship problems.

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