Divorce Without Court: Should You Consider Mediation?

Ending a marriage doesn’t always have to be an arduous battle. You and your spouse can avoid divorce court and resolve issues through mediation. This aims to create a safe environment that allows both parties to work together and reach an agreement. Divorce mediation involves a neutral third party who will facilitate and monitor discussions.

Willingness to Cooperate

Long Island divorce mediation experts note that this option will only work if you and your spouse are willing to cooperate. If you cannot work together or if there are significant issues involved, mediation is not ideal. A traditional court procedure may be more suitable for your situation. If there is domestic violence in marriage, think carefully before deciding to participate in mediation.

The Decision is Mutual

Divorce mediation is also likely to work if the decision to end the marriage is mutual. This allows both parties to work together more easily than if only one spouse initiates the divorce. If you, for instance, decide to divorce, it is likely that your spouse may not want to cooperate. If the other party is not prepared or rejects the idea of getting a divorce, mediation may not work.

Separation is Permanent

If neither you nor your spouse has a desire to get back together or reconcile, mediation can be a good choice. This also means that both parties have accepted that the separation is final. Divorce mediation may also work if you don’t blame your spouse for the divorce. If you, on the other hand, feel that the other party is entirely to blame, reaching an agreement can be hard.

Knowledgeable about Financial Reality

Divorce mediation is also ideal if you fully understand the financial situation. This is important to avoid surprises or to agree on terms that are not in your favor. If you know little about joint accounts and finances, mediation may not be ideal. The same is also true if your spouse has lied to you about something important like finances or property.

It is always nice to avoid a court battle or a traditional divorce proceeding. Be sure, however, to consider your case before choosing a method. Working with a divorce lawyer is also beneficial to protect your rights and get what you deserve.

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