Domestic Violence and Brain Injury: What You Could Do

Domestic AbuseRecent studies have indicated that survivors of domestic violence are susceptible to chronic traumatic encephalopathy or CT, which is a neurological condition common among retired National Football League (NFL) players.

This degenerative condition results in memory loss, headaches, and loss of emotional and muscle control, as well as premature cognitive decline. The cause is frequent trauma to the head. Although CTE mainly impacts athletes of contact sports, studies show that more than 60% of domestic violence survivors also suffer from various brain injuries. Lawyers in Los Angeles and other cities suggest that if you suffer from domestic violence-related CTE, here are your possible options.

Suing the Responsible Party for Domestic Violence

More often than not, survivors of domestic violence felt stuck and frightened since they lived with their abuser. They were scared of retaliation if they took action. But it is important to remember that survivors could sue their abusers. You could file a restraining order with the civil court and seek compensation and ultimately, justice, through a criminal court.

While the district attorney has the final say regarding the specific criminal charges that could be applied to your abuser, if you file a report with the police and specify that you’re seeking to file charges, you would be instituting the criminal matter. You could seek compensation, which would force your abuser (when found guilty) to pay off any damages they caused. In general, restitution would include actual damages that include material properties, lost wages, and healthcare expenses.

Suing for Personal Injury

Aside from filing a restraining order and filing criminal charges, you could likewise file a civil case to seek damages for your injuries, such as a broken arm or leg, or a brain injury like CTE, explains a top lawyer in Los Angeles. Unlike criminal lawsuits and similar to other injury cases, the burden of proof or evidence is significantly lower in civil lawsuits. You would only have to prove that any injury you might have is the result of the actions of your abuser.

However, it’s critical to remember that it could be hard to take action, especially if there are children involved. Since domestic violence is a very serious situation and your main concern is your and your children’s safety, you should seek help from an experienced lawyer to help you figure out the best action to take.

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