Going Through Divorce: Protect Your Reputation and Credibility

While divorce has become common nowadays, it can be embarrassing and uncomfortable for some people. If you are ending your marriage, it is important to establish your credibility and preserve your reputation. This means being honest with your assets and accounts, and keeping your emotions out during the settlement.

In some cases, marriage dissolution may only involve paperwork, especially if you and your spouse don’t want a courtroom battle. A conventional method is divorce mediation where couples need to reach an agreement on their own or with a neutral third party. It is usually an ideal process for all, as it will allow you to negotiate with the other party and come up with a resolution together.

Divorce in Court

Sometimes, however, complicated divorce cases may need to be brought into the court to let the judge issue an order. If this is the case for you, note that you need to be completely honest with your divorce lawyer and the judge. Albuquerque divorce lawyers note that there will be legal ramifications if you are caught lying about accounts or embellishing important details.

Avoid Dirty Tricks

Divorce attorneys can help you with their best ability if you are entirely truthful. Hiding accounts or lying about your property will only make things worse. Other dirty tricks to avoid include overstating debts and reporting lower than actual earnings. The penalties for lying during divorce proceedings vary from every state and case.

Deciding on Property Division

If you and your spouse have complicated financial issues, it is best to consult an attorney. Note that court orders on property division are final. It is not advisable to give up the fight just because you’re tired on settle on less than what you deserve. You can make an agreement with your spouse with the help of your lawyer or let the judge decide who gets what.

While you need to be honest during settlement, you also have to protect your privacy. It is important to note that the things included in the family court proceedings are public. Work with a lawyer to help you with your case and protect your privacy.

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