H1B Visas – Fulfilling the requirements

Getting a US work visa is easy once all the paperwork is filled out correctly. Just like any other visa, an applicant has to fulfill some requirements and provide evidence so that their petition can be successful.

Here is information you will need when applying for an H1B Visa:

Valid job offer: A valid relationship with an employer in Utah or any other state will determine whether an applicant should get an H1B Visa.

Lawyers at Buhler Thomas Law, P.C. share that companies must prove that they want to hire a specific individual and that they have the right to control his/her employment.

Specialty occupation: A Bachelor’s degree in a specific field is the minimum required to get the job.

Employers require a person with this degree and also with the specific skills and knowledge to do the job competently. The post should be related to an applicant’s field of study.

Wages: Wages have to be on par with industry standards or higher.

Availability of visa: Since the H1B visa quota is capped at 65,000 per fiscal year, there is stiff competition for each visa.

Of the 65,000, the first 20,000 are given to people with at least a US Master’s Degree or higher educational qualifications. It pays to know that this quota does not bind non-profits and educational institutions. Since one has to vie for 45,000 slots, it pays to hire a Utah immigration lawyer and file the paper work. Petitions can be filed six months before the official start date of the quota system.

Once you have considered all your options and decide to apply, you can do it yourself or take the help of a lawyer. All of the information is available on the USCIS.gov website.

Make sure to explain how and why your evidence establishes eligibility. This will help officials understand your case better and process the petition faster.

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