Legal Nurse Consultant: An Alternative Profession for Nurses

Registered nurses in the United States account for about 2,824,641 of the workforce. They work in a wide array of professional settings. While the majority of registered nurses (63%) work in hospitals, a small portion of their population has chosen alternative work settings such as Employment Services (2%), Insurance Carriers (1%), and Legal Profession (1%).

If you are a registered nurse experiencing hospital or clinic burnout, why not consider an alternative professional track in the legal services?

Essential Qualities of a Legal Nurse Consultant

One of the main requirements of this profession is to be a registered nurse (RN). A legal nurse consultant—or medical aid to lawyers—there are prerequisite qualities you must have. Lawyers often prefer candidates to have the following qualities.

  • Critical Thinking

Legal nurse consultants review medical records in order to find details that could help a specific case. This responsibility means that your capacity to discern should match that of your legal partner.

  • Attention to Details

The idiomatic expression the devil is in the detail pretty much captures how legal cases are won. As a legal nurse consultant, one of your goals is to find the details that could mean a winning case for your team.

  • Knowledgeable

You will be tasked to analyze medical records, it only follows that you are well-informed of all pertinent medical practices, rules, and procedures.

  • Curious

Aside from those you already know, a thirst for new information is of utmost importance as well. Curiosity is what makes you proactive.

Educational Track

The usual academic track for would-be legal nurse consultants includes these backgrounds:

  • 4 years of BSN (Bachelor of Science in Nursing)
  • 2 years of MSN (Master of Science in Nursing)
  • 2-4 years of PHD or DNP

Depending on their background, legal nurse consultants can earn between 55 thousand to 200 thousand USD per annum.

If you have the legal acuity to match your medical knowledge, a legal consultancy stint could be your ideal job. Do you think you have what it takes to be a legal nurse consultant?

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