Living in Utah: Things You Need to Know

Lawyer assisting couple on their migration plansMigrating to Utah is a good move for your family. It’s a state with plenty of work opportunities, and the neighborhoods are conducive to family life. You will not run out of things to do in the state, too. But to be a permanent resident of Utah, you need to know your rights and follow the rules.

Here are some reminders:

Know Your Rights

You may have heard news about deportation and travel bans by now. Some of them may seem scary, but only if you don’t know your rights. When applying for a family green card, says that one of your family members should already be living in Utah and petitioning for you to be a permanent resident.

For your part, all you have to do is know your right as an immigrant.

Be Ready with Documents

To support your claim that you are indeed a family member of a resident of Utah, you should be able to show the appropriate documents to prove the connection. If you are married to a U.S. citizen, there should be a marriage license. If you are the parent or child of a citizen, you should have the birth certificate to prove that. Keep these documents in a secure location, so you won’t lose them.

Be an Active Part of the Community

You may not be a permanent resident yet, but that doesn’t mean you should just stay indoors and wait for your visa. You can play a role in the community and help, even in simple ways, to improve the surroundings. Your active participation doesn’t gain you plus points in your green card application, but it will gain you some plus points from your neighbors. And these are the neighbors you will have for a long time.

It’s all right to be scared when you’re migrating to the U.S. But don’t let that fear stop you from enjoying your stay.

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