Mediation Could be the Best Way to Draft a Prenuptial Agreement

Prenuptial AgreementIf you are planning to get a prenuptial agreement, hiring a mediator to handle the process could be your best bet. Under mediation, there can be less stress to the existing relationship. In fact, industry veterans like the mediators from Littleton Alternative Dispute Resolution, Inc say that it can even be a relationship-enhancing experience.

Don’t Lawyer Up

Lawyers, although useful when trying to win a case, might not be the right way to approach a situation that needs the two parties to come to an agreement. Hiring a lawyer risks the underrepresentation of one-half of the couple, making a prenup look more like a conflict.

Moreover, less direct communication happens when a couple has two separate lawyers. Instead of a personal discussion, lawyers will always be looking out for his or her client’s best interests — even if it means that the needs of the other party are not met. This makes prenup a less hands-on experience for couples.

Mediation Makes for a better Conversation

During the mediation process, couples can discuss their terms on a personal level. Together, they can find a way to make the terms fair. Having an experienced mediator listen can enrich the conversation as well.

Experienced mediators can draw a lot from their experience with the couple’s discussion. They can then impart valuable advice to help couples overcome their prenup issues. Furthermore, they can propose terms that the couple might not have originally thought of. In some cases, they can even say that a prenup is not really necessary.

Expertly Drafted Terms

A major advantage of having a lawyer act as a mediator is an expertly written agreement. Many mediators even have colleagues double check their drafts to ensure that it is watertight. Clearly laid out terms and statutes agreed upon by the couple are the best end-result of this process.

While marriages can all be about sharing resources, prenups can give couple peace of mind. This is especially true in unions where one party is significantly wealthier. While many may have doubts about the ill effects of prenups, creating one with a mediator can help get rid of any pre-wedding jitters.

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