Modification of Child Support Amount: Can It Be Done?

After the divorce decree becomes final, child support becomes the subject of a court order. Under certain circumstances, this can be modified later, when the situation changes. The case differs from state to state.

If you hire a child custody lawyer based in Colorado Springs, he or she will explain the prevailing child support law in the state. During the first child support order, the parents can opt for flexibility in the modification of the original order, when the circumstances change.

They can opt for additional clauses, which can make modification difficult or opt for an automatic adjustment. Below are some circumstances under which child support can undergo change in the state.

Considerable change in the income

Child support modification is possible when there is a significant shift in the revenue of the one paying it. If you have primary custody, then a change in the income of the other parent will make a difference.

But if it is a joint custody, then a significant shift in the income of either parent will qualify for a change in the child support. If the parent suffers a layoff at work, the amount can go down and, in like fashion, if there is a promotion then the child support amount can increase.

But if you quit or terminated, then the court might feel differently.

Other circumstances

Child support can undergo modification under other circumstances. If the child has become older and the daycare costs go through reduction, the child support amount shrinks. An altered parenting schedule will also make a big difference.

If you have not opted for automatic modification, then the other parent should request the court for modification. The courts will peruse the financial documents submitted, and then if they deem fit, they will change the child support order.

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