Mother Takes Legal Action against Lincoln-Martí School for Child Abuse

Child AbuseIn South Florida, Paola Hincapie is filing a lawsuit against Lincoln-Martí School after finding out that one of their teachers allegedly physically abused her three-year-old daughter.

According to Miami Beach Police, a classroom surveillance video shows fifty-four-year-old Clara Luz Quintero-Gonzalez slapping Hincapie’s daughter in the face.

Hincapie admits to seeing the video and felt it was an obvious choice not to let her daughter go to the daycare anymore. “I feel mad. I feel sad,” she said. She took her daughter out of the school and filed a lawsuit against them.

Meanwhile, the police arrested Quintero-Gonzalez on four counts of child abuse, one count of child neglect, and one count of child torture.

Other Cases of Abuse

While Paola Hincapie has claimed physical and emotional abuse of her child, she is not the only accuser against Clara Luz Quintero-Gonzalez.

Miami Beach Police says that classroom surveillance cameras caught her striking Lincoln-Martí students on August 25. In bond court, a judge said the video shows her “slapping the 3-year-old victim on the left side of his face.”

Another parent, Laura Pantano, called the police, saying she witnessed the abuse on a surveillance monitor last August 25 and confronted the teacher about it.

Detectives launched an investigation and reached out to Hincapie, asking if she wanted to press charges. She, of course, confirmed.

In the video, Quintero-Gonzalez “jumped over the other kids and hit her and slap her in her hands, like bad,” she said. “You don’t harm somebody if you want to teach them something. You don’t try to hurt them. You teach them. You talk to them.”

The Lawsuit against Quintero-Gonzalez

Attorneys Mark Eiglarsh and Jason Turchin are representing Paola Hincapie in the lawsuit against Quintero-Gonzalez.

“We’ve alleged in this lawsuit that the daycare failed our client both in terms of hiring this woman and poorly educating and training her,” Eiglarsh said. “The result is a harmed child. (It) should never have happened.”

On the other hand, detectives confronted Quintero-Gonzalez about the surveillance video that shows her punching, slapping, and yanking students, but she either denied the incidents or said they were nothing.

Since the filing of the lawsuit, the school released an audio recording that said they “will reserve comment to allow our attorneys to address the allegations in court” to preserve the integrity of the process as well as the privacy of all involved.

While school officials are cooperating with the police, they are yet to receive any lawsuit from their attorney.

The Florida Department of Children and Families has also stated that they are investigating the teacher’s actions, the practices at the preschool, and the company as a whole.

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