The Reality You’ve Chosen: Your Doubts Before Divorce

Divorce agreement contract

Sometimes, a divorce is the best decision you could ever make. It could restore your confidence, realign your life goals, and repair your relationship with the people around you.

The Law Office of Lisa S. Fine, P.C. says cruel and inhuman treatment, abandonment, and an act of adultery by the spouse are grounds for dissolution of marriage. The following are also reasonable grounds:

  • Confinement of the spouse for at least three consecutive years after marriage
  • A period of separation for at least a year pursuant to a decree or judgment of separation
  • A period of separation for at least a year pursuant to a written agreement of separation
  • An irretrievable relationship between the spouses for at least six months as stated under oath

Despite these grounds, it’s normal to have doubts about the impending divorce.

Your Happiness Depends Only on Yourself

Your happiness depends on nobody else but yourself. So if you wonder whether or not you will be happier after the divorce, keep in mind that you will only be happy when you decide to be — and an unhealthy relationship surely does not help with that.

Love Is Not the Only Basis for Marriage

People get married primarily because they are in love. But married couples quickly discover that love is not the only thing that makes a marriage work. The ability to compromise and cooperate is just as important as romantic emotions; if the former is not present in your relationship, then it will inevitably go downhill despite your love.

Your Children Will Be OK

The strained relationship you have with your spouse will inevitably take a toll on your children. But would you rather they live in an unhappy household until they’re adults? You and your spouse—with the help of court, when needed—can work out an arrangement in a civil, if not amicable, manner to give them a good life.

It’s natural to have doubts before you file a divorce. But don’t let your emotions get ahead of your wit. The dissolution of your marriage may be the answer to a happier and healthier life for everyone involved.

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