Things You Need to Know About Bail Bonds

Judge's Gravel With MoneyYou have probably heard of the term “bounty hunter.” Hollywood has made this profession quite sexy and sometimes hilarious, especially if you have seen the movie One For The Money. But what exactly do they do and what are the things you know about bail bonds?

Here are some of the facts that can help you understand bail bonds in Michigan, a service offered by firms such as Mitchell's Bail Bonds.

First, what is a bail bond?

A bail bond is a form of “surety bond” that allows and secures an individual’s jail release. There are two main types: criminal bail bonds, and civil bail bonds. A criminal bail is one that guarantees the accused will appear before the court on the due date specific in the criminal case.

This type of bail also covers the penalties and fines linked to the case. On the other hand, a civil bail bond ensures debt payment along with any related costs and interested linked to the civil case. Without bail bonds, the accused often stay in jail until their court date.

Second, how do I secure a bail bond?

This is the job for bail bond agencies. After the court’s decision of the total collateral that needs paying for a defendant’s jail release, the company will post the required amount. Sometimes, the payment is in cash, bonds, and assets like real estate properties and businesses.

Upon the release of the defendant, the mission of the bail bonds agency is to ensure that the accused shows up in court for the trial.

Third, so what are bounty hunters?

Also called “bail enforcement agents,” their job is to locate a defendant who failed to appear on his due date in court. These missing defendants are popular as FTAs, or “Failure to Appear.”

A bail bond acts as a “Get Out of Jail” card for defendants, but it does not guarantee that they will not go back to jail if proven guilty of the crime or civil case. If you are looking for bail bond agencies in Michigan, consider these facts so you can make an informed decision on getting bail bonds.

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