Top 3 Reasons to Choose Child Custody Mediation

Child custody and visitation agreementA divorce is stressful and can trigger a myriad of emotions, such as anger, bitterness, depression, and so on. The situation is more aggravating when children are involved. However, you need to deal with the problem in such a way that the children are not adversely affected by your separation.

Thanks to mediation, couples can now solve their custody issues in a way they both feel considered. The Law Office of Gordon N. Shayne cites some of the benefits of choosing child custody mediation.

It saves you time and money

Court cases are formal and involve many processes and filing of documents, which is a costly affair. In addition, they take longer and the parties have no power to schedule their time since it’s left in the hands of the judge. In mediation, the process is quicker and the solution can be found easily.

It is less combative

In a court, the lawyers and the judges try to do what’s best for the kids according to the law. In mediation, the parents collaborate in finding the most amicable solution that is best for their children. They can come up with a parenting plan that they both feel is workable. They find a way to be active in a child’s life. This approach is friendlier and non-adversarial compared to a court litigation, which can create more rift.

It focuses on the future

You and your partner may have parted ways, but for a parenting plan to work, you need better communication in the future. A good mediator can help tone down the existing conflicts, leaving the communication channels open. According to experts, children do better when their divorced parents can communicate.

Mediation helps preserve the relationship between parents and their children after separation. How you handle the whole process sets an example to your children and may affect their future.

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