Top 5 Current Causes of Car Crashes

Picture of a car crashThese days, almost everyone who’s of legal driving age also owns a car. More cars mean more traffic. More traffic means more chances of accidents on the road. And no matter how cautious and attentive you are, you’ll never know when the driver behind you isn’t.

Nobody wants to get into an accident on the road, that’s why there are rules for road safety. If you get caught in a bad situation, you’ll need to look for a good auto-accident law firm in Lynnwood, such as In any case, it wouldn’t hurt to know the 5 top most causes of car accidents, especially if you can avoid them.

Inattentive Driving

All the gadgets that are available today could become culprits of this. But it doesn’t stop there. It could also mean, fidgeting in the glove compartment, eating, or simply talking to someone while driving.


You’ve probably seen one at some point. Many motorists go over the speed limit every day. There’s a reason authorities set limits. You wouldn’t have enough time to react to prevent a car accident if you were driving too fast.

Drunk Driving

Alcohol affects motor skills and your ability to focus. And those are the two things you need to drive effectively. Lose that, and you can lose your life.

Reckless Driving

These drivers don’t care about traffic rules or the other vehicles around them. And often they are the ones who have no patience at all — tailgating, speeding, and changing lanes too quickly.

Extreme Weather

The weather can affect your ability to control your vehicle on a slippery road. It can also affect your vision through a hazy windshield. Always make sure your tires are in good condition to avoid unwanted slipping.

Being a responsible driver means caring for the other motorists around you. Drive safe.

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