Unlikely Victim? Men Get Sexually Harassed at Work, Too

Sexually Harassed Man in LittletonThe traditional workplace sexual harassment scenario involves a male boss pursuing his unwilling female secretary. Workplace conditions are changing, though. Men are just as likely to experience unwelcome sexual advances in the workplace from both men and women as women themselves.

The problem, however, is that authority figures don’t take male-targeted sexual harassment seriously and give it the attention it deserves. While it may be still be a taboo subject, the fact remains that men experience sexual harassment as well and it can be just as damaging to them as it is to women.

Are Women at Work Subverting the Patriarchal Paradigm?

With more feminists pushing for gender equality in recent years, there have been changes in workplace power dynamics. For instance, there are more women in high managerial and executive positions these days than in previous years.

A study has described a trend of women performing as “honorary men” to maintain control over their male employees. This may come in the form of taking off clothes, overly sexual banter, and unwelcome touching, as described by victims.

“Non-Traditional” Males Are the Common Victims

The nature of sexual harassment is rooted in a power concept, where the powerful often prey on the weak. In this case, effeminate and gay men are usually the most common victims. Male victims experienced bullying from co-workers and had to put up with a hostile, homophobic environment.

Changing Conditions Are Causing Men to Move Forward

There has been an increase in reports of male sexual harassment, but it’s hardly because men are suddenly becoming victims in the workplace. Rather, society’s norms have changed and reduced the stigma of speaking up against sexual harassment. In fact, the Constitution protects citizens from same-sex sexual harassment. This has encouraged more male victims to speak up.

Sexual harassment is a serious issue that affects both men and women. Those who have experienced this type of discrimination in Littleton, whether male or female, may seek advice from a defense attorney to ensure proper legal action against their harassers.

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