When You Should Hire a Lawyer to Help with Your Divorce

Divorce Paper NoteIt is possible for a divorce to happen with a voice raised at the table. It may not work for every married couple, but it is not impossible.

How a divorce is possible without lawyers

Couples can work on a divorce without hiring lawyers. That’s possible if they weren’t married for a long time and they can avoid issues relating to children (whether there are no children, or the couple can agree on how to raise their children) and the division of property.

There are no problems with alimony payments if there is no family business or the couple also agrees to divide it or sell it and divide the profits. This happens with a third party whose only intention is to see that the divorce happens without a hitch.

The couple can then obtain a written divorce judgment from the court, which means their marriage no longer continues. They are both single again. The more issues — especially relating to money and children — the more difficult it may be to make this happen.

When to hire a divorce attorney

Many divorces still make the hiring of lawyers inevitable. You should hire a divorce lawyer in Denver, CO if your separation is anything but amicable.

For example, if there is abuse in the marriage — child, spousal, substance, or sexual — you need a lawyer to protect your interests. Get out of the house and seek help if you think your or your kids’ safety is at risk. You may need a temporary restraining order to protect you for the meantime. Call your divorce attorney as soon as possible.

You should also base your decision to hire a lawyer on your spouse’s attitude. If you believe your spouse may become vindictive, or if they’re known to lie, you may need a lawyer on your side.

If your spouse gets a lawyer, you definitely want one too. It’s not a good decision to go to court or even the negotiation table with nothing but good intentions, when you know there’s a professional with years of education and experience with these matters on the other side.

Sure, it’s possible to have an amicable divorce sans lawyers, but for your protection and peace of mind, if your relationship with your spouse is anything but friendly and civil, it’s best to hire a lawyer.

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